Annapurna is dedicated to the oneness-world vision of Sri Chinmoy.
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Annapurna is the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Ontario/Toronto.
It was established in 1974, by students of Sri Chinmoy, originally located on Pears Ave. The menu features a variety of South Indian, vegetarian and vegan dishes.


Annapurna is proudly dedicated to the philosophy of
Sri Chinmoy (1931 - 2007).

Sri Chinmoy tirelessly dedicated his life to the pursuit of world peace and to the fulfillment of the unlimited potential of the human spirit. From 1970 until 2007 he regularly conducted weekly meditations at the U.N. headquarters in New York City. A prolific author, poet, artist, musician and athlete, he inspired and encouraged countless citizens throughout the world with his simple message that world peace begins within the heart of each individual. He came to the West from his native India in 1964.

Please inquire if you would like information on our free meditation courses. An inspiring selection of Sri Chinmoy's writings and music is available in the restaurant. For more information about Sri Chinmoy visit, or call Annapurna at (416) 537-8513.

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